About Us

In 2001 I enrolled in a web design course run by FAS. The course consisted of learning about various different programmes, programmes like photo shop, Dreamweaver and Flash. It is these three programmes that help me build websites today.

I wanted to work for someone or some design company that would take me on so I could get a bit of experience, but I found this very difficult as they kept getting back to me saying the same thing. You must have at least one years experience to apply for this job. The problem was I didn’t have enough experience to do these jobs, so I decided to work for myself and at the same time learn to build better websites.

It was around the 13th of April 2003 I set up the company called the National Design Company. It went through many changes and web design facelifts with each web design getting better than the other. I have designed quite a few sites since I started the company.

Websites like muralIreland.com which is now Dublinmurals.com under the ownership of John Carpenter. It was through John Carpenters website that I got my first break in 2005. Before then I was doing a lot of demo websites, but never any real websites.

Since then I have been asked to work on a number of websites like rainbowdays.biz (not online now),UUTEL which was a telecommunication company that sold 0850 and 0800 numbers to clients. There are so many websites I have designed through the years that it would take too long to tell you about them all. If you look at the web design portfolio on this site you can see them all in working order.

I hope that you will take time to look at the websites, design work and Art work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alan Brady

National Design Company